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This is the demo for  one of the levels we designed for Cryptophasia. It is our first game ever (as a final project for university) and there is a lot we can learn and improve from now on. We hope you like it and accept any advice or constructive criticism. 

English subtitles coming soon...


Ksenia and Yulia are two Russian twin sisters who have lived apart since they were 4 years old, when their parents' death took them to an orphanage. Ksenia was lucky and was soon adopted by a family while Yulia continued to live in the orphanage. A sudden accident leaves Yulia in a coma and from that moment, Ksenia, who had forgotten the existence of her sister, begins to have nightmares that connect her with the mind and the story of Yulia, in a journey of rediscovery that will reconnect them and during which Ksenia will try to find her sister.

Ksenia y Yulia son dos hermanas gemelas rusas que viven separadas desde los 4 años, cuando la muerte de sus padres las llevó a un orfanato. Ksenia tuvo suerte y fue adoptada en seguida por una familia mientras que Yulia siguió viviendo en el orfanato. Un repentino accidente deja a Yulia en coma y a partir de ese momento, Ksenia, que había olvidado la existencia de su hermana, empieza a tener pesadillas que la conectan con la mente y la historia de Yulia, en un viaje de redescubrimiento que volverá a conectarlas y durante el cual Ksenia intentará encontrar a su hermana.

Install instructions

Extract zip and open executable


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so good ..this projet live or die?

That was interesting experience to play this, the game is terrifying and I was surprised by it having a sound narration, but, there are issues:

1. scenes lightning is far from ideal, it's dark and have a lot of contrast points

2. objects interaction is a little bit weird because papers occupy the whole screen

3. the storytelling is .. I did not get it, I know it's two sisters and so on, but I don't understand why I need to go to end of the corridor and get back to the start and then stairs appear.. I like the floating bunnies and then it started to be super psyhodelic

4. when I hit Shift protagonist frozes at place, I don't expect this to happen

overall, you did a great job if you modeled and built all of these by yourself, but there is a room for improvements


I'm Ana Marian,  Alvaro's partner in the making of this game. Thank you for your comment. We modeled and texturized everything and developed and programmed it as well. We're aware of these issues as this was our final project for university (audiovisual communication which doesn't have a strong video game department). We had no previous real experience with unity and are not programmers so we managed to create this demo in the best way we could thanks to youtube tutorials. We're interested in modelling and texturing so that was our main focus. As for the narrative, this would be level 8 of our 3 chapter game which we hope we can develop in a larger group of people in the future, so that's the reason why it might be kind of hard to understand (we'll definitively take it into account!)

Thank you, once again!!